Monday, November 2, 2020

Announcing Intangible Angel: The Community For Active Angel Investors

We are building Intangible Angel, a network and community for active angel investors. While public equities investors have a multitude of online ‘water coolers’ such as SeekingAlpha, StockTwits, and Bloomberg -- angel investors do not. Traditionally angel groups have largely been offline and/or transaction focused. In contrast, Intangible Angel aims to be a community-first, online alternative. While our community certainly looks at and discusses investment opportunities, deal flow is a byproduct, not the focus.


Last year while working as an EIR, Kevin Weatherman and I invited several other investor friends to a private Slack group  The goal was to discuss the various startups we were all considering for investment. Immediately it was clear that drawing on the collective knowledge of seasoned operator-angels was an incredible way to learn and level-up as investors.

When the pandemic struck, we expanded our scope to helping friends and portfolio companies navigate turbulent times. As one example, we began a free public ‘office hours’ initiative providing founders a non-pressure venue for an angel's perspective on issues like furloughs and fundraising. While our group was small, our impact was large: multiple companies that came through office hours have gone on to raise capital in the last six months. Typical discussions these days cover topics like mentorship (many emerging manager discussions), deal flow and helping founders raise follow-ons. I’m always excited when my Intangible Slack notifications light up.

We believe network-driven investing is the future. The knowledge and connections of a community is a force multiplier both for founders and investors -- and it’s a lot more fun!  Intangible Members have diverse backgrounds, experiences and skill sets, but we are all united as active investors writing personal checks. There is no dedicated fund, but our members often co-invest  in deals first seen and then socially diligenced by the group. Member check sizes range (from small checks, to syndicate leads, to family offices) but all members aim to deliver much more value than simply dollars. We’re also working to build tools supporting angels: we recently launched a product for angel investor relations (reach out for details!). 

Whether you are writing your first check, or your 200th (shoutout to a member!), if you are an active and accredited investor please apply and join our crew. Together, let's create the dialogue and community angel investing has been missing.

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