Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Excited to share about Intangible Angel - Kevin Weatherman

I’ve been angel investing since 2011 and it falls into 4 distinct phases, this work is often done alone or in a small group — we want to change that.

  1. Deal flow — finding companies that are early and looking to raise the first round of outside capital/angel investments/venture capital.
  2. Due diligence — Does this company have the potential to get institutional capital and do I want to invest
  3. Fundraise— Depending on the company most angels end up helping the companies that they agree to fund with ‘filling out the round’
  4. Build — Once the money is wired it is now time to get busy building, as an angel and founder I help a lot with this whether it is hiring, product testing, introductions to clients, sales pitch etc.

Prior to Intangible Angel, I would meet a founder via an email introduction (that still happens but now founders can reach out to me directly) [link]. If I liked the company I would share it with other angels in my network via email, imessage, and in person. Once I decided to invest I would send put a bcc email to up to 60 other angels I know. Finally, when the deal closed I would sometimes use random investor updates to help founders build.

Today close to 200 active angel investors share deals with me and help me due diligence the deals I like via IA Community. When we like a deal we can quickly bring together experts in our combined network. Twice now I have said ‘I am investing…’ which has resulted in IA syndicates helping to fill the round and now my portfolio companies have access to their angel investors in real-time via their company slack <> IA slack

What took days, weeks and months now take hours.

IA is building the world's largest community for active angel investors and syndicate leads to increase access to deal flow, make better decisions, raise more money, and help founder build.

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